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Q: Where do we currently serve?

A: At this time, COFA serves schools within Wilson County that may not be represented by over all county data. These are schools that lack proper and basic equipment, funding, and other means of support. We also assist Westmoreland schools in Sumner County.


Q: Do you plan to move outside the current service area?

A: It is always our goal to grow our organization. However, at this time we are only able to serve the areas listed above. As more funding and volunteers become available, we hope to continue to grow in Middle Tennessee.


Q: How can I donate?

A: COFA has numerous ways to donate. We are always accepting instruments, certain food/drink items (or gift cards), clothing for our performance closet, and money. If you are interested in making a monetary donation, please visit “How and where to donate” on our website.


Q: What type of instruments do you accept?

A: COFA accepts all instruments in any condition. While we love to receive instruments in working condition, we also need damaged instruments or instruments beyond repair. In an effort to be fiscally conservative, COFA works to repair most instruments in house. By donating an instrument that is non-repairable, we are able to strip the instrument of all parts and use it to repair other instruments in our inventory. This saves a lot of money!


Q: Do you accept pianos?

A: At this time, we do not accept pianos. However, we will make an exception for studio pianos that are in good shape. Due to our current location, we do not have the capacity to house pianos.


Q: Where can I drop off instruments to donate?

A: You can donate to the following locations:

  • Gibbs Pharmacy

  • AMO Pianos

  • Mayor Hutto’s Office

  • Mayor Ash’s Office

  • Shiloh Music

  • Demeter’s Common


Q: How can I volunteer?

A: We have an application for volunteers under “Forms” on our website. Please fill out the application and send it to us. As opportunities arise, we will contact you!


Q: How can I apply for band fee assistance?

A: Our open application process is from May 31st through August 30th of each school year. We will take applications outside of that period based on need but please note that requests are made based on available funding. You can find an application for band fee financial aid on our website. *Please note that the maximum COFA can pay out is $450. We cannot pay for trip fees or past due fees.*


Q: How can I apply for assistance with an instrument?

A: You can find our instrument application on our website. Please fill it out and send it to, mail: Catherine’s Orchestra for All, 414 E. Forrest Ave, Lebanon, TN 37087, or return to your band director.


Q: What items do you accept for the performance closet?

A: Due to limited space, we are not currently accepting donations for the performance closet.


Q: What other items can I donate?

A: COFA is always in need of cases of water, individual gatorades (no red please), popsicles (during marching season), clarinet/saxophone reeds, brass mouthpieces, etc.

Q: Do you have an anti-discrimination policy?

A: Yes! Catherine’s Orchestra for All is just that; for ALL. That means all ages, genders, incomes, sexual orientation, race, ethnicities, abilities, religion, etc. If you would like to see a copy of our anti-discrimination policy, please send an email to


Q: Do you have an office? If so, what is the address?

A: Yes, COFA does have an office. However, we do not work regular office hours due to our daily activity within the community. If you would like to meet with someone from the COFA Team, please send an email to and we will be happy to set up a time to meet with you!


Q: Are you a 501(c)3 non-profit?

A: Yes we are! You can verify our status on the IRS website or at

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