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About Us

The idea for Catherine's Orchestra for All, began in the summer of 2017, when Catherine personally witnessed hardships faced by her peers when it came to the ability to afford band program participation.  She believed that any student, regardless of income or socioeconomic background, should be able to participate in music education programs. Her belief, combined with one small act, started a chain reaction. While she didn't get to see just how far that chain reaction has gone, we continue her work through Catherine's Orchestra for All. 


Catherine Batcheler

May 31, 2001 - August 30, 2017

"The idea is not to live forever, but to create something that will."


 Andy Warhol

Catherine marching (2).jpg

Reasons to support music education and COFA


By donating an instrument, you are giving opportunity to a student. COFA takes all donated instruments, cleans and repairs them, and then gives them to a student who wants to participate in band but wouldn't be able to do so otherwise. 


By donating a monetary sum, you are giving an opportunity for success. Band programs are often underfunded and lack sufficient supplies and instruments. COFA takes monetary donations and purchases much needed instruments and supplies for band programs.


Numerous studies show that students who learn to plan an instrument or participate in a band program are more likely to have high test scores, better memorization skills, a less likely chance of dropping out of school, and multiple opportunities for college.


Let's be real, we think band kids are pretty awesome. They are more likely to follow the rules, have an amazing sense of humor, work hard for something individually and as a team, are known to be kind to their classmates, respect their competitors, and don't stop until they finish the job. 

Okay, so maybe we are a bit biased but we've seen the numerous ways that band can benefit students and the community. We are an organization made up of musicians and former band kids that work for musicians, current band kids, and future band kids. 

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